Yuuya Kogure

Dub Name:

Scotty "Scott" Vanian






Manyuuji Junior High, Inazuma Caravan, Inazuma Japan


Scotty's Mother, Scotty's Father

Jersey No.:

IC DF-6, IJ DF-?

Yuuya Kogure (小暮 裕也) (Scotty "Scott" Vanian) (Defender)


Yuuya is a small character with a prankster attitude. From Manyuuji Junior High in Kyoto, he was often off the team most of the time due to his lack of trust towards others and his pranks. However he joined the Inazuma Caravan due to Haruna's urging. Celia often acts as a motherly figure to Yuuya, showing her constant disdain for his pranks always ordering him around. Yuuya joined at the last minute when Epsilon attacked his school. He initially lacks trust in anyone because his mother left him on a bench and never came back for him.

Special Attacks


  • Whirlwind Force - Yuuya will handstand then spin in full force then he will get the ball or sent himself flying because of his fast spinning.


  • Perfect Tower - Touko will release a cake-like hezagon tower that makes Yuuya and Jousuke in them top then fall then kick the flying ball to goal.
  • The Earth - All players will give their strength to Mamoru, Shuuya and Shirou then they will jump then the ball is like a drill then the ball will be covered with electricity then the three will kick the ball like a fireball then it will have wavy spikes then it will become one.