Yuuki Tachimukai

Dub Name:

Darren Charles




Midfielder, Goal Keeper


Yokato Junior High, Inazuma Caravan


Mrs. Tachimukai, Mr. Tachimukai

Jersey No.:

YJH GK-1, IC MF-5 (Replaces Teppei), IC GK-1, IJ GK-20

Yuuki Tachimukai (立向居 勇気) (Darren Charles) (Midfielder, Goalkeeper)


Originally a midfielder on the school soccer team from Yokato Junior High in Fukuoka but changed to Goalkeeper due to his admiration for MaMoru. Yuuki joined the Inazuma Caravan to defeat Aliea Academy. He's a great Goalkeeper like Mamoru. After Yuuya pull a prank to Yuuki by putting hot spicy in his food, he is appeared that he likes hot spicy food.

Special Attacks


  • God Hand - Yuuki releases a blue lightning that makes a big hand to protect the goal.
  • Majin the Hand - Yuuki will place his right hand into his forehead then his left is in his waist the the strong fire surround him then the blue Majin (Devil God) appear.
  • Mugen the Hand - Yuuki will clap then shape his hands triangle then many long-limed hands will appear to get the ball.
    • Mugen the Hand G2 to G5 - Every time Mugen the Hand evolves, it added four more hands that makes even stronger.
  • Maou The Hand - It is like the Majin darker and purple version. Yuuki will release a lightning then the Maou appears then catch the ball with beast mouth hand sign.


  • The Earth - All players will give their strength to Mamoru, Shuuya and Shirou then they will jump then the ball is like a drill then the ball will be covered with electricity then the three will kick the ball like a fireball then it will have wavy spikes then it will become one.