Touko Zaizen

Dub Name:

Victoria "Tori" Vanguard






SP Fixers, Inazuma Caravan


Mrs. Zaizen ,Mr. Zaizen

Jersey No.:


Touko Zaizen (財前 塔子) (Victoria "Tori" Vanguard) (Defender)


She is the daughter of the prime minister and the captain of the SP Fixers, she joined the Inazuma Caravan in the battle against Gemini Storm. While it seems that she has feelings toward Mark, she clearly states that their relationship is platonic (Many people misinterpret this and believe that she has a romantic interest toward Mamoru). She leaves the team after they defeat Aliea Academy, but returns to support them during their practice sessions during the FFI preliminaries.

Special Attacks


  • The Tower - If the opponent had the ball, Touko releases a tower made out of rock then she will release a lightning to strike to the opponent then steal the ball. If the opponent kicks the ball to the goal, Touko releases a tower to block the ball from going to goal.


  • Butterfly Dream - Rika and Touko will hold hands then jump then kick the ball with a butterfly background. When the opponent goalkeeper get the ball, the ball appeared flying from not the goalie steal the ball.
  • Perfect Tower - Touko will release a cake-like hexagon tower that makes Yuuya and Jousuke in them top then fall then kick the flying ball to goal.
  • The Earth - All players will give their strength to Mamoru, Shuuya and Shirou then they will jump then the ball is like a drill then the ball will be covered with electricity then the three will kick the ball like a fireball then it will have wavy spikes then it will become one.