The Fearful Soccer Cyborgs!

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Megane Takes a Stand

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Confrontation at the River Bank!


Football Frontier Arc

Japanese Airdate:

November 23, 2008

Opening Theme:

Tachiagari Yo

Ending Theme:

Seishun Oden

The Fearful Soccer Cyborgs! (恐怖のサッカーサイボーグ!, Kyōfu no Sakkāsaibōgu!) is episode 8 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


Mamoru met Takeshi at the rooms then Takeshi saying that they will not win against them. The match has started but the Raimon is is doing their best to defeat Mikage Sennou. All of the combination attacks of Raimon are no working with Takeshi. When Mikage Sennou scored 1, they been keep on passing so they not let the Raimon score the match then the first half ended. In changing room, Mamoru said the importance of soccer to Takeshi. The second half started then the Inabikari Training Center work on them so they scored. Toyama, the coach of Mikage Sennou surrendered because Reiji said that they are weak but Takeshi opened his eyes and all they players then they battle fairly. Shuuya used Fire Tornado but Arata stopped it and they all have an injury after falling. Takeshi leave the goal then hey become offense to score a goal. But Mamoru stopped the attack by using God Hand then the whistle, the Mikage Sennou lost then the Raimon won. Then the Mikage Senoou started play fairly to the other matches. Shuuya got injured so he wouldn't play in the semi-finals.


New Characters Appeared

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Quote of the Episode

  • The goddess of victory will smile upon those who believe they'll win!