Let's Play Soccer!
Inazuma 2

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Let's Play Soccer!


Football Frontier Arc

Japanese Airdate:

October 12, 2008

Opening Theme:

Tachiagari Yo

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Seishun Oden

Teikoku is Here! (帝国がきた!, Teikoku ga kita!) is episode 2 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


The Raimon Junior High is gonna fight against Teikoku Academy. They will gonna fight the strongest team on the history. The Teikoku are not moving but scored 23 points till Shuuya Goenji joins after Kakeru Megane left the team. Mamoru release God Hand and Shuuya used Fire Tornado and they scored 1. Mamoru used 1 as the score of their beginning.


New Characters Appeared

New Killer Techniques Appeared


  • Game's result: Teikoku 23 and Raimon 1;
  • Though the Teikoku members cometed numerous faults but the judge did not penalize them;
  • This would also happen in later episodes.

Quote of the Episode

  • We won't know which side is the goddess of victory will smile upon until the match is over!