(Shuriken Junior High in dub)

Sengoku Igajima is the team who acts like a Ninjas also their moves. Their coach is Igajima Sen'ichi.



  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Forward
  • Jersey No. - SGI FW-?
  • Team(s) - Sengoku Igajima

Team Coach

Igajima Sen'ichi

  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Soccer Coach
  • Team(s) - Sengoku Igajima

Other Special Attacks


  • Whirlwind - Their goalkeeper will release two whirlwinds then it will become one then gets the ball sent to midair the the goalkeeper will get the ball.
  • Clone Feint - One forward will become three then jump to the opponent so that the opponent can't steal the
  • Spider's Web - One player will release a web surround him so the opponent with the can't move it's feet.
  • Shadow Stitch - One player will release a shadow then make the opponent with the ball will fell-of.
  • Clone Shoot - One forward will become three then kick the ball in the midair.


  • Four Triumph Stamp - Two sumo fighters-like defenders will stomp two times then the ground makes shake so the opponent will fell-of.