Dub Name:







Messengers of the Sky, Dark Angels



Jersey No.:

MOTS FW-11, DA FW-10

Sain (清める) (Forward)


He first appeared with his team in a cameo appearance in episode 107 when they prepare for the coming the of the "chosen one". Then later he appeared in the next episode after a lightning storm and appeared behind Endou on top of the net, then Sain blast the entire field with his lighting kick and kidnapped Rika. Later Endou splits up in two groups, with his team try to rescue Rika in Heaven's Garden and Kidou's team try rescue Haruna in Demon's Gate. In episode 109, he went on a match with Endou's team for the return of Rika of they win. Sain and his team eventually lost the match and learned why his ancestors used soccer as a way to seal the demon lord and made friends with Endou. In the episode 111, it is revealed that he and half of his team joined Hell Army Z to make Dark Angel because they were hypnotized by a stone but the spell wore off at the end of the episode when they were beaten and he said his goodbyes to Endou as he understand what soccer is, and had to wait for the next 1,000 years.

Special Attacks


  • Heaven Drive - Sain will kick the ball in the sky then goes down with a yellow beam.


  • Shadow Ray - Deasta and Sain will jump then Deasta will make the ball inverted color then pass it to Sain then he will kick it to the goal and a ray follows it.