Osamu "Desarm" Saginuma

Dub Name:

David "Dvalin" Quagmire




Goalkeeper, Forward, Midfielder


Aliea Academy (Epsilon Prime), Neo Japan


Mrs. Saginuma, Mr. Saginuma

Jersey No.:

EP GK-1, EP FW-11, NJ FW-10

Osamu Saginuma (砂木沼 治) (Devolin) (Goalkeeper, Forward, Midfielder)


Desarm is the goalkeeper an the captain of the Epsilon. The first match he and his team was seen playing in was the match against Manyūji Junior High in Kyoto. In a matter of minutes he and his team injured all members of the Manyūji Eleven except for Yuuya. The Raimon Eleven played against Epsilon with Yuuya who was able to steal the ball causing them to retreat. Later at Osaka, he and his team lost to Sue and Raimon Eleven. In the FFI saga he creates Neo Japan to replace Inazuma Japan but lose.

Special Attacks


  • Worm Hole - There will be a Black Hole appearing to get the ball then the ball will go out in the Worm Hole then the ball stayed at the ground.
  • Drill Smasher - Desarm will raise his hands then a big drill appearing then point it at the ball to get the ball.
  • Gungnir - Desarm goes into a portal, then he will back flip to kick the ball but he kicked it softly and the ball will form like an arrow then it will get out in the portal to goal.
    • Gungnir V2 - It is like his own Gungnir but the kick is stronger.
  • Illusion Ball Remastered - It is like Yuuto's Illusion ball but it is faster.
  • Dash Storm V2 - It is like the Dash Storm of Demeter but it is stronger.
  • God Knows Remastered - It is like Terumi's God Knows bu much more stronger.


  • Triangle Z Remastered - Ryuichiro, Weeze and Osamu will use Triangle Z like the Mukata Triplets.