Kuusuke "Max" Matsuno

Dub Name:

Maxwell "Max" Carson






Raimon Junior High, Dark Emperors, Inazuma Japan (Failed)


Mrs. Matsuno, Mr. Matsuno

Jersey No.:

RJH MF-9, DE MF-?, IJ MF-22

Kuusuke "Max" Matsuno (松野 空介) (Maxwell "Max" Carson) (Midfielder)


Another one of Mamuro's teammates. He excels at all sports, was involved in many other sport clubs. Kuusuke joined the soccer club to help. He is often seen wearing a pink and blue cat-design cap. He has a resemblance to Scott Pilgrim. At a sleepover training camp, it is also revealed that he wears a different hat to sleep. He is one of the injured players who fight against Gemini Storm. Later, he was controlled by Aliea Meteorite then joined Dark Emperors but lost to Inazuma Caravan.

Special Attacks


  • Cross Drive - Kuusuke will kick in sidewards then he will kick again in upwards to the air then a slash mark make the ball strong.
  • Quick Draw - Kuusuke will dash-like pass through then steals the ball quickly.


  • Revolution V - Shin'ichi and Kuusuke will jump then hold hands with the ball in the middle then spinning around then they will jump again then kick the ball in V formation.
  • Dark Phoenix - Ryuugo, Kuusuke and Ichirouta kicks the ball at the same time then the ball sent midair the they will jump then kick the ball again. With the power of the Aliea meteorite.