Koujirou Genda

Dub Name:

Joseph "Joe" King






Teikoku Academy, Shin Teikoku Academy, Neo Japan


Mrs. Genda, Mr. Genda

Jersey No.:

TA GK-1, STA GK-1, NJ GK-1

Koujirou Genda (源田幸次郎) (Joseph "Joe" King) (Goalkeeper)


Koujirou was the goalkeeper of the Teikoku Academy. He was a best friend of Jirou and Yuuto. He was one of the hospital after the defeat of the Zeus Junior High. He was controlled by Aliea Meteorite then joined Shin Teikoku Academy but lost to Inazuma Caravan. Later after three months, he want to joined Inazuma Japan but failed the test. He joined Neo Japan to replace Inazuma Japan but lost.

Special Attack


  • Power Shield - Koujirou will punch to the ground the a shield appearing.
    • Full Power Shield - Koujirou will jump in midair then punches the ground and the shield is much more stronger and the size is covering the half of the soccer field.
  • Beast Fang - Koujirou will form his hands like a tiger mouth then a black tiger appears to get the ball. This only can use twice, the third can kill you.
  • Drill Smasher V2 - It is like the Drill Smasher of Desarm but it is much more bigger and stronger.


  • True Infinite Wall - It is like the Infinite Wall of Senbayama Igajima but is is appeared it is much more harder.