Knights of Queen is the national team of England. Their coach is Coach Aaron.



  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Midfielder
  • Jersey No. - KOQ MF-?
  • Team(s) - Knights of Queen

Philip Owen


  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Forward
  • Jersey No. - KOQ FW-11
  • Team(s) - Knights of Queen

Freddy McQueen

  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Goalkeeper
  • Jersey No. - KOQ GK-1
  • Team(s) - Knights of Queen

Special Attacks

  • Galatyn - Their goalkeeper will release a big tower then smashes the ball.

Team Coach

Coach Aaron

  • Gender - Male
  • Position - Soccer Coach
  • Team(s) - Knights of Queen


Aaron is the Soccer coach of Knights of Queen.

Other Special Attacks


  • Storm Prison - One defender will release towers in the opponent's side then the opponent will be hit bu a tower at his front then steal the ball.
  • Ultra Moon - One midfielder will back flip many times so the opponent will not steal the ball.

Special Tactics

  • Absolute Knights - The players will kept on stealing the ball from the opponent.
  • Invincible Lance - Four players will form their formation that makes a diamond shape and covering Edgar. The effect is to make a lance (sword) that makes a strong defense then make the opponent crushed away.