Katte Nakou Ze!

English Title:

Let's Win and Cry About it!

Song By:

T-Pistonz and KMC




Fourth Opening

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Yeah! Yeah! Katte nakou ze

Meccha kibishii shiren ya kabe wo

Gutto norikoe mae ni susume beibeh!

Mucha shite koronde hizakozou wo surimuitemo!

Mondai nai ze! Sore koso koukai nante

Ima wa shitakunai kara nando datte chousen

sukkorondemo tachi agaro ze

Yowane buttobasu faito!

Namida opparau raion

Saa let's go!

Zenin tsugi no reberu e

Donmai! Mou choui! Ato sukoshi! (Riiyo)

Antoki namida koraete itami mo kizu mo kakushite

Mucha shita koto zenbu mudai janai! (Sou machigai nai!)

Akiramenaide tsuzuketa tamashii moyashi tsuzuketa

Imamade no koto zenbu ga ima ikiteru ze!

Yeah! Yeah! Katte nakou ze!

Yeah! Yeah! Katte nakou ze!

Yeah! Yeah! Gattsu ikou ze!

Namida no V sain!


Yeah! Yeah! Let's win and cry about it!

Hang on overcoming the crazy-hard trials and walls

Always moving forward, baby

Even if means straining yourself so much that you fall and scrape your knees!

It's not a problem! Since I don't want to regret it know

I'll keep on challenging myself

Even I fall flat on my face, I'll get back up again

I'll beat down my negative thoughts and fight!

There's my sound of thunder that chases away mu tears

Now let's go

All of us towards the next level

Don't mind! Almost there! Just a little further!

Back then when I held back tears and hid my pain and wounds

All those reckless things I did weren't in vain! (No doubt about it!)

I kept on going without giving out, I kept my soul burning

Everything that happen is what makes me who I am now!

Yeah! Yeah! Let's win and cry about it!

Yeah! Yeah! Let's win and cry about it!

Yeah! Yeah! Let's go with a strong will

The V sign of tears!