Jousuke Tsunami

Dub Name:

Hurley Wave




Midfielder, Defender


Omihara Junior High, Inazuma Caravan, Inazuma Japan


Mrs. Tsunami, Mr. Tsunami

Jersey No.:


Jousuke Tsunami (綱海 条介) (Hurley Wave) (Midfielder, Defender)


Mamoru and the team first met Jousuke when he was surfing in Okinawa and saved Kakeru from drowning after he accidentally went overboard on the boat they were on. They next saw him while they were practicing on one of the islands and the fact was Jousuke never played soccer before. But while practicing with Mamoru's team he learns a special shot and felt a sudden devotion to soccer and immediately joined the soccer team as captain in his school Omihara Junior High. Jousuke's team played a practice match with the Inazuma Caravan team only to be interrupted by Team Epsilon. He joined the team to help with their match against Team Epsilon and stayed on the team to help them defeat Aliea Academy afterward. Another fact is that Jousuke's 15-years-old and the oldest of the team acting like an older brother to them.

Special Attacks


  • Tsunami Boost - Jousuke will use the ball as the surfing board then kick it sent him back flip then the ball in walking to the water to the goal.
  • The Typhoon - Jousuke will use the ball as the surfing board then he will go in the middle of the typhoon then he will kick the ball.
  • The Tube - Jousuke will use the ball as the board then he will kick the ball then an expanding tube will follow the ball.


  • Perfect Tower - Touko will release a cake-like hezagon tower that makes Yuuya and Jousuke in them top then fall then kick the flying ball to goal.
  • The Earth - All players will give their strength to Mamoru, Shuuya and Shirou then they will jump then the ball is like a drill then the ball will be covered with electricity then the three will kick the ball like a fireball then it will have wavy spikes then it will become one.