Hiroto "Gran" Kiyama

Dub Name:

Xavier Blitz






Aliea Academy (Genesis), Inazuma Japan


Mrs. Kiyama, Mr. Kiyama

Jersey No.:

GNS MF-10, IJ MF-18

Hiroto "Gran" Kiyama (基山 ヒロト) (Xavier Blitz) (Midfielder)


Gran was first seen during the match between Raimon and Epsilon. His alien name is Gran and is the captain of Genesis. Growing up in an orphanage, the only 'parent' he knew of was an elderly man who frequently visited the orphanage. Later, the children in the orphanage start learning soccer and are manipulated by the elderly man who in vengeance-hungry, uses a meteor that enhances human capabilities on the children. He is shown to love his 'father' a lot and goes through pain for him, like when he released the limiter, knowing that afterward they would experience excruciating pain, and also shielding him from a ball, which in anger, one of the children kicked at his 'father'. He was originally the captain of The Genesis. He wants to join the Inazuma Japan and they had a match so there coach can see about there skills and he was able to pass. During the time when Mamuro, Jirou, Akio, and Yuuto, he became the temporary captain of the team for a match against Argentina. He and Mamuro became friends from Hokkaido.

Special Attacks


  • Meteor Blade - Gran will kick the ball upside-down then it will explode like a Big Bang.
    • Meteor Blade V2 - It is more stronger than his original Meteor Blade.


  • Super Nova - Gran will kick the ball in midair then Gran, Ulvida and Weeze will kick in the air to strengthen the ball.
  • Space Penguin - Ulvida will call five green space penguins then sent them to air then Gran and Weeze will jump then kick the ball then the penguins strengthen the ball.
  • Grand Fire - Gran, Toramaru and Gouenji will kick the ball at the same time then a huge burst of fire going to the goal.
  • The Birth - Shirou and Hiroto will jump then turning around then their tract like a DNA then they will jump to the ball then kick the ball.