Fidio "White Meteor" Aldena

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Mrs. Aldena, Mr. Aldena

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Fidio "White Meteor" Aldena (フィディオ・アルデナ) (Pablo) (Forward)


Fidio's very first appearance was in the first episode of the third season (Episode 68). He made another appearance when was their team called the Italy's representatives, Orpheus. Later that night Fideo met Endou Mamoru for the first time. When Reiji Kagayama become the coach of Orpheus, the whole team of Orpheus were fired to in order to be replaced by Team K. That made the Orpheus mad. They started a match to decide who will be the national team of Italy. The day before the match, 8 members were injured and this is all Reiji's plan to make Team K win. Luckily, Mamoru, Yuuto, Jirou and Akio were there, to replace the injured teammates and won the match against Team K. Later, Reiji continues to be the coach of the Orpheus, Fidio is still curious as to why Reiji hates soccer but knows so much about it. And he later discovers Kageyama's past thanks to Hidetoshi Nakata and decides to trust him. Thanks to this Fideo along with Orpheus were able to master Catenaccio Counter and Tie with Inazuma Japan in their match which guaranteed Orpheus' position in the FFI Finals. He is next seen with Endou, Teres, Dylan and Edgar at Inazuma Japan's area to practice with them, only to be interrupted by the Messengers of the Sky and Hell Army Z who took Rika and Haruna respectively. He along with Edgar followed Endou's half of the team to rescue Rika from Heaven's Garden, which they successfully did. The next time he was seen was when in the match against Little Gigant, his team lost without scoring a single goal, but Endou came to cheer them up.

Special Attacks


  • Odin Sword - Fidio will kick the ball then a extending sword will release and appear.