Call Out the Hissatsu Technique!

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Here Comes the Dragon!

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Teikoku is Here!


Football Frontier Arc

Japanese Airdate:

October 19, 2008

Opening Theme:

Tachiagari Yo

Ending Theme:

Seishun Oden

Call Out the Hissatsu Technique! (あみだせ必殺技!, Amidase Hissatsu-waza!) is episode 3 of the Inazuma Eleven anime.


After a day, the Raimon decided to discuss their formations for the next match. They heared about they will fight against a cursed team called Occult Junior High. When Ichirouta Kazemaru came to visit Mamoru at his training area, they discuss about Ryuugo that he is acting weird. The next day, Mamoru saw Shuuya going inside Inazuma General Hospital to visit his unable little sister Yuuka Gouenji. Yuuka had an accident because of Shuuya's carelessness. She had an comatose because of Shuuya. When the whole Raimon team came, they saw Ryuugo training hard. Mamoru talk with Ryuugo that why he is working hard. Ryuugo is mad about when Gouenji might join the team. Then Natsumi came to see Shuuya because he is watching the Raimon team. Natsumi said that because his little sister had a comatose he will not play soccer again. Shuuya joins the Raimon team as the ace striker.


New Killer Techniques Appears


  • Otonashi means quiet and Yakamashi means noisy.
  • Megane repeats the pun in episode 90.

Quote of the Episode

  • Believe in yourself more!